Bougie 27

I don't like being told I can't do something. And that includes my body. I am a fighter, and when I can't do something I find another way to get there.

I spent my birthday, September 4 (yaaass, I share the date with the Queen) reflecting on the ruckus I call this past year and conjuring up positive energy for my future. This will be another wild ride, but I am ready to embrace #Bougie27. That is all I/we can do, is to keep moving forward.

I used the past couple of days to think of essential lessons and great tips for myself on how to not just survive, but to blossom continuing this life with MS at age 27. So why not make a survival guide for myself?

(1) Do not allow my MS to destroy me.

We oftentimes get lost in our view of where our lives should be versus where they currently are. I never expected to be diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that disables me by eating my myelin and causing miscommunication of my brain, spine and central nervous system--a daily fight, indeed. In April I found myself in a negative headspace and asked myself "what will make you happy?” Autoimmune disease or not I needed to my motivation, realign my goals and take it one step at a time.

(2) Take care of yourself

With the deterioration of my central nervous and immune system, I am more prone to illnesses than the average individual. A simple runny nose may turn into severe sinusitis (sinus infection) or a respiratory infection that knocks me out for about two months. And it is not all on my MS. I continuously pull full steam ahead at 160 mph as if I am Ashley 10.0 when Ashley needs to gracefully find her seat in the slow lane.

(3) The slow lane is now for you, Ashley.

Life comes at you fast! Turning my “Ls into lessons”  I had to come to a point (because, oh won't there be many more) were “I need to get out” was my hope and plea to Lady Life and she delivered so now I must to do my part and get to the "master plan". Health, novice career, LIFE landed on me like a ton of bricks and I found myself needing to DIAL IT DOWN...a lot of notches.