Summer Edit | Surviving Summer

ME: It has been…awhile. It’s hot, S U M M E R has no mercy.

It has been officially summer in Florida for a month now and my MS and I




Since crashing into MS fatigue in May, I have been tumbling through “spring” and summer, hence the freeze of content.

I have been working on challenging myself to find my “new” flow, and I must say I’m finding some things that may work. I’ve been collecting—amping up for these summer months in Florida’s heat, from gold-toned sandals, midis, and good reads to skincare tools, interests that will hopefully stimulate my mind through this horrific season.

Here are my hauls for far


For the past two years, my fiancé and I have set a goal for ourselves for the number of books we intend to read throughout the year.

For the love of good reads 

A goal of mine for 2019 is to read six (6) books and journal MORE. It is now July, seven months into the year and I am only one (1) book and one (1) writing  in, sOOO I have MAD catching up to do. I have ambitious goals to pick my reading back up and Robert Greene has continuously been in  the back of mind of “must reads”. So I will start the summer off strong. I also count is as a therapy in managing the mental effects of MS. 

  • Pats self on the back for growth.

The sensitive subject: SKIN CARE.

They’re looking better. As you may remember in January I went through my first bout with MS fatigue, which led to third-degree burns. I crashed/passed out/knocked the hell out in front on my heater in the middle of winter and landed third-degree burns on my beloved legs. It was a tough three-month healing process with MRSA Staph, but we’re now in the beginning phases of repair *HEAVY SIGHS*.


I have a bad habit of OVER-exfoliating (I know. I’m shamed.) and given the only information I can find is keep it moisturized, SPF and TAKE YOUR ASS TO YOUR DERMATOLOGIST WHEN NEW SKIN HEALS IN. I’ll simply do those two things. Moisturize and SPF, all summer.

  • Trying to follow simple directions. My overactive mind gets my ass in trouble A LOT.



With heat sensitivity being a huge symptom of mine in the summer, me and my staff will be hand-in-hand. I purchased this staff from MERVS on Etsy after breaking my two-front teeth on my way to work--my legs felt like they weighed a ton as I tried to climb the hill to work on dilapidated City streets. She’s now a new fav! 

THIS time, THIS summer, I am holding myself accountable to navigate how I will live my best, yes, my BEST possible life with MS. Even if it’s hot as the devil’s balls outside.

MS or not, let me know what keeps you cool during hellish months as these. Let’s chat!