Skin care: Hydration & Scar removal

I've had some significant breakouts which started last October due to stress and possibly MS related...but we can't blame everything on MS, so I will say my hormones and stress are the cause.

It is MOST definitely summertime in Florida, and I feel the heat as soon as I wake up. With one of my symptoms being temperature sensitivity our home stays on 70 degrees—freezing, but that is the only way my body is comfortable on top of me always being on the go.

Back to breakouts! Below are pictures of my face during a break out (high heat, high stress) and immediately see the dark marks on my face looked like I reverted to high school. NO DEAL.


Cheeks and neck.



After reading a recommendation from fashion influencer, Marche Robinson on Summer Friday's Jet Lag Mask, I decided to give it a try along with other holistic remedies to cure my dilemma. As a moisturizer and primer it is everything my pores!

With Apple Cider Vinegar I have noticed that my pores have minimized and fading has begun on my face and neck. Because the vinegar is so pungent, I dilute the solution evenly with water and follow with  Jet Lag as my moisturizer.


The mask.

For acne scarring, I am using turmeric, honey and lemon juice.  I’ve been applying this mask three times a week to my face. I mix the ingredients and allow them to sit on my face for 30 minutes (various sites have various limits). I’ve begun to notice my complexion is evening out, scars are not as prominent on my face and neck, my morning acne breakouts are decreasing and it’s a gem for inflammation. Following the mask up I apply my Jet Lag moisturizer (I found the turmeric and lemon juice are drying for my skin)

Tip: After the mask there will be a yellow tint on your skin. Use a toner to clear the tint and hydrate the skin, then apply your moisturizer.  It also stains, so be careful. I found the washer cleaned up the turmeric  stains on my facial towels and residue left on my count came off with Clorox wipes. 

I've started exploring skin care and makeup more and can't wait to share more!