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SS 19: My 4 MS Must-Haves




I have always hated the heat, ESPECIALLY Florida’s heat. Since being diagnosed with MS (with heat sensitivity) over 72C is GOD ALMIGHTY TOO HOT for me now. After experiences with “MS hug” all of last summer I am now on a mission to use the few tricks I’ve learned along the way in an attempt to guarantee my survival through these hellish months.

Here are my must-haves, anyone else heat sensitive with a few tricks up their sleeve??


It’s a “she”. Yes I give inanimate object names. Your welcome for the explanation.

She has saved me from many trips, stumbles...and falls SINCE breaking my teeth due to my city’s dilapidated city sidewalks. when I’m feeling “wobbly” and unsteady she’s my right hand.

On days of uncertainty (hot, cold, shitty all over) I rely on her to keep my face, teeth, knees and everything else OFF the ground. After being hounded by my father “to get a walking stick” I finally decided I would rather stay safe than be miserably sorry. I’ve been down that road already.

No thanks.

Then, there’s Stella

With all the rage about diffusers and CLEAN air it had me on the prowl for a “better air quality” for “living my best life with MS”. Yes, those damn marketing vulchers lured me in at the perfect time after my diagnosis. Their marketing is good. I chose the Molekule, after about a year of YouTube videos and review stalking I purchased the air filter, and I must say I have been impressed with my results. Seriously, my air feels cleaner. I notice the difference in quality when I have it confined to my bedroom or even in my living room. The filters, not only trap, but destroy particles, dander, pollen, dust, and allergen particles we can't see. It’s my go-to for clean air in my home!

The Cooling Vest

I earned this vest through [ORGANIZATION]. I submitted my application and desired size and cooling application and they shipped me my first vest!


This is truly a year round essential.

My body overheats so quickly, with as much as I do (that I make myself do, let’s be honest) and as big as my work bag can grow during the week I like to keep my  hands as free as possible if I need to grab a cold water, fan, LIFE itself, my Bandolier set is my every-day charm.

SN: The warranty plan is awesome…if your chain snags like mine did.


Skin care: Hydration & Scar removal

Skin care: Hydration & Scar removal